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3 Musketeers?

Wooohoooo! Indeed yesterday was super fun! Both Beed and me were planning to watch The Lord Of The Rings but I did some miscalculations. The show 'supposed to be today not yesterday. >_<;; Gwah.. I'm an idiot. I was waiting around at the cinema. Opening my eyes and other senses to catch Beed. Seems that he always win in our 'game' of 'Assassins'. XD XD Methinks he could easily kill me for the last 2 times.. XD He blends with the crowd waaaaay too good.. X_X;;

Yalah Beed, Kononnya Assassin XD XD

So anyway, the movie plan are out. Both of us proceed to the ritual of going to Kinokuniya. I bought some nibs and a brushpen. X_X This is going to be hard. Indeed. After that, both of us head for Nippon Tei restaurant for lunch and for me, Sake :D :D. The food was good but I can't eat that much since it's been only a few days fasting are over. Beed on the other hand, with his 'Bokson Void', glomps the food. I find that its scary to see that such a small framed person could easily glomps all the food. O_O

So after that, sake time! We ordered like, 2 Bottles? It was good, but then I find myself slipping to my chaotic/whacky alter-ego. What's happening? I'm getting drunk XD I can't remember anything. But Beed told me that I was mumbling and smiling like a friggin' pyschopath while paying the bill.. O_O I've turned into... the shameless version of myself. X_X

I'm back to my old self again when I was at Sungei Wang. Puking my guts out.. X_X Why Sungei Wang? We're meeting with Beed's chubby (and BIG) neighbour. I had this mental image of a big bald guy wearing shades and shorts with a bad attitude but seems that I was wrong.

Dude! Din (The name of Beed's neighbour) really really rocks! XD I mean the guy is like, the happy-go-lucky person. It was sooo much fun hangin' out with those two guys! XD XD XD Very chaotic and stuff. Din btw, surveying for PS 2 mod ver. Seems that he manage to find one at the Big Fat Bitch Shop. It seems that everything looks good 'cept that I'm having doubts about how long you can play it till the machine bust out...

So you can say I'm quite jealous about Beed and Din. Since, okay, Beed has a Dreamcast while his neighbour, next door, a PS 2. Gwah! Now all we need is an X-Box XD XD XD..


Anyway, I'm off to play same cranky games. Battle Realms.. X_X

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