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Celly silence.

Yesterday was lotsa fun. Well, The part with meeting up with old classmates and teachers AND the plan later onwards with the guys. The school carnival sucks as always with lame karaoke event and cheesy games. No stage shows again, this year. I guess the new headmaster is a tightup/no-nonsenses/no-fun-study bastard.

But, what do I care? No longer in that school~ XD

What surprises me that not many people recognized me because of my long hair in that school. Oh yeah, Btw I went in together with Luqman. So they either thought I'm some tall girl or totally ignored me.. Same with the teachers too. Oh, I met with the stupid I'm-too-good-you're-not-go-away bastards/bitches. Heh, Pretty sad state they are..

Around 12.00 something, We met up with Shaun, his younger brother and Farid at the front gate (Isaac couldn't make it after all.. ._.). Shaun brough along his Warlock Bronze Electric Guitar for the Jam session. We had fun walking around and a lot of people asked Shaun what the hell is that long brifcase thing he's holding. Not to get people excited, He told 'em:

"Well, It's a sniper rifle." :D :D *insert more happy smile here*

...Well, After that we met up with Tinnesh. Had some drinks and chatted about some stuff. Around 1.15 PM, Tinnesh was kind enough to send us to the Marina Studio. We already booked the place for 1.30 PM till 2.30 PM. I didn't get to play much this time since Shaun is trying out his song which I think is a good one. Beside, I don't think I can play as well as he is.

Songs we(they) played:

Soulfly - Eye For An Eye
System Of A Down - Chop Suey
Korn - Blind
Blink 182 - All The Small Things (Full with vocals)
Shaun's moosic.

I tried to play some Silverchair but seems that Shaun ignored me and went playing *coughs* showing off *coughs* his songs and stuff. I don't mind and heck, I don't even care. XD; I've been his friend for like 6 years now, He's an egoist. So I don't wanna burst his bubble..

Right, On the next event. We managed to 'persuade' Tinnesh to drop us at Leisure Mall. Hehehe, Too bad he couldn't join us tho. He's meeting up with Alex. So, We went straight for the Pool/Cafe/Pub(?) place for some game of Pool. After a few minutes of playing pool, Amin called and I asked him to meet us up at there. Later on, He joined us and it was like, grand fun of timeless. We're shooting pools, tarring up our lungs, had I dont know how many cans of coke and stuff. Oh btw, Nizam joined us after 20 mins or so. We decided to take a group photo afterwards. Totally dominated the whole back part of the place.

Around 4 something, We decided to have some drinks/snacks at the Tops Cafe thingo. We had some laughs and stuff. Oh, Seems that Shaun's soon-to-be girlfriend, Emily, a 21 (this year 22) girl. Oooh~~ On the way to the cafe, We met Shaun's old flame, Mabel. She looks pretty good with her dyed hair and stuff. Tagging along with her be the popular's only group. In fact, Yesterday Leisure Mall was like, A place to meet ex-classmates of my school. Couldn't find my old flame, Most probably she couldn't make it..

*walk walk*

"Hey! Gen! It's me! Julian!"

"Ah? Whaa? Hey! What the hell! How are ya!?"

*walk walk another few metres*

"Hey Gen! Guys! It's me Jessica!"

"Hey bloody backstabbing bitch how are ya? You wanna die now, you bloody whore?"

.... Okay so I didn't say that last lines but I'd feel good if I can yesterday.

Anyway, At 5.00 PM, We decided to head for the good 'ol Cyber Cafe for some CS and Warcraft. Farid (orc), Shaun (orc) and me (Night Elves) managed to beat 3 computers. It was a good game eventhough it was my first time playing as a Night Elf.. @___@;;; The rest was playing CS. I can't play CS that good anymore now ._.;;

So around 6.00 PM, We decided to call it off. Oh yah, One interesting happened when I was waiting for the bus with the rest of the guys, This girl got hit by a motorcycle when she was getting down from a bus. Nothing major though because the girl managed to dodge the bike. She got some cuts on her arm and most of us think it was the guy who rode the bike fault...

Anyway, Everything is good and stuff. I still got some film left in my camera but I think I'll save for this Thursday. Going to Shaun's house.. Huuu.. It was great. Too bad Kim and Azli couldn't make it. I miss those 2...

Right, I have to help Nizam aka Shadow with his assignment tomorrow.

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