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The desolated wasteland.

I managed to stay calm without any help after my recent outburst in LJ. I can't say that I feel bad about it in fact it made feel a lot better now. ^_^ I think I can manage more depression and angst now before my next outburst.

Shaun called me a few minutes ago, I couldn't make it to his house since my relatives will be crashing here for no reason, most probably, money. I don't like most of my relatives now (well, over at Negeri Sembilan. I just like a few of them). Mom said we're all sorta alone now so we gotta be more independent. I'm a little sad because this year has been hard especially for mom. 2 important person for her died. I still remember there's one month back then, We're like, running out of foodstocks and stuff. It's pretty hard but we managed. Our life isn't that miserable nor that hard anymore. So I guess it's okay.

Well, We still have each other.. And I don't mind continuing my studies a little late. Money is something we don't have that much now.

I used to nag and whine about oh how, people don't take me seriously and stuff, how they're not there when I needed them and stuff. But now, I don't give it much thought anymore. I think can manage own my own. It's not that I'm saying my friends are bad or something like that, mind you. I still love them. @____@

Bah, Said too much already. =_=; Hopefully this post won't freak out anyone or hurt someone's feeling. o_o That, like, be a Bad Karma?

Freakin' Fed! Scanner still down! >_<

Oh yeah, I gave Rina a new nickname. Aki. ^_^ I like that name very much.

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