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I'll be resting today. My cold is getting worst.. =_=;;; But I think I can manage to go online tonight. Wouldn't miss it for the world~ X3

Ooh I know I'm a guy but.. ''

Take The Princess Quiz by Azure Eyes

You are The Faery Princess

Your kingdom is filled with magic and nature, where anything can happen.
You see world where others see woods..
You find the secret enchantment in every creature you meet.
Though you like company, you find yourself more content when in nature and feel at peace there.
You have a passion for things of a romantic nature and have a tendancy to day-dream.
Those with whom you are close enjoy your company because you are unique.
When you are around, they feel their dreams could come true.
You are the silver lining on dark clouds, the shooting star on which to wish.
Your crown is a garland of ivy leaves and daisies.
Your throne is an oaken tree whos branches have been woven to fit your sylvan nature.


... It's too tempting~~ XD XD Oohh a small cottage in the woods surrounded by a wild garden.~~

I wish it'll rain here. It's too hot and dusty.. ;_; That's it, I'm moving to Sabah.. =_= Hmmmm, Papar perhaps..? *nudging to that particular someone* X3

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