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*coughs hack wheeze*

Heeeeerr, 4 mugs of Guava Juice. At least I'm not drinking coffee or coke. Right, I think I can manage a few light activities today. Managed to cut off caffeine and nicotine intake for the past 2 days which is something good.

Things that interest me today:

The fact today is Friday.
Sore throat getting worse.
Coraline art.

....... Right, I think I need my medication. =_o

And Amin came by yesterday, He brought along Blood: The Last Vampire and Card Captor Sakura: The Movie. Huuun~~ We watched 'One Leg Kicking' and played a little Soldat.

Oh yeah, I had a nice time talking to Rina last night. :D I'm mean, She's absolutely so really, wonderful. Wuuuu~ ;_;

*hack wheze* Sore throat mania.

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