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Random #1

Civ 3:

Wheeeeeeee!!! I'm the wealthiest president in the world! France couldn't cover that much land because sharing the one continent with Germany and Russia. Can't go on warring wiping them out because first, Germans are the main power in this continent. So it's not a suprise when Russia suddenly starts backing him up when I start pummeling Berlin. Second, Military power heck I sacrifice my attack force for capital defense and money. Third, I'm on Democracy, My people won't be liking it when I start a war with those guys. So the only passive invasion I can do is Cultural Invasion and Espionage. :D :D :D Oh, And its the Industrial Age for me now.

Freedom Force:

Hark! Pan! @______@ *Runs away* Current favourite heroes be Man 'o War, The Ant, Microwave and Alchemiss. Strongest be Man 'o War. Liberty Lad must DIE! @________@

The Smiling Dead Fish site:

Very very slowy. Working on the main page and the navigation map. =_=

Man, This cough medicine beats coffee the hell out.. @___@ Ugh..

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