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Right, IRC back online, QBell, She's sorta alive now but I'm not. =_=

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User Number: 404024
Date Created:2001-11-29
Number of Posts: 264

Gen is a caffeine junkie. He digs lotsa weird things which people think, stupid and absurd. Occasionally killing himself slowly with nicotine, and he shamefully calls himself a Goth.
Strengths: Quiet, Follow-the-leader type, paranoid, try to please everyone/friends, fair, Servant to Great Goddess Of Cuteness Marina Aki ^_^.
Weaknesses: Too quiet, too follow-the-leader-type, too paranoid, lacks confidence, too sensitive, negative thinking, too shy, Allergic to cats (except for one. ^_~) Suicidal at times.
Special Skills: Great Goddess Of Cuteness Marina Aki Blessing, Bad Karma Roll Attack, Good Karma Hug.
Weapons: Miko Rod of Death, Bad Karma Talisman, Goddess Of Cuteness Marina Aki Cat Bell, Various scrolls for blessing and spells.
Allies: Team Rosa when they need me, Priest/Assassin/Helper for Vortex Temple Of The Smiling Dead Fish and Cute Goddess of Marina Aki. ^_^

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