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Hand Maid May (find out more)

Find out What Anime Best Suits You by taking the quiz yourself!

Great.. *wears maid outfit*

Anyway, Ne, Ken-sama. >_< Sorry I couldn't even help you one bit with the animation thing. ;_; I'm still sick. Wuuu sorry~

Ark, I'm tired and drained. I need something they call 'rest'.

Last night with Rina was short but great. I don't know why, but it seems she said something that makes me feel alot better. Oh yeah, I was all angsty and depressed last night, I don't know why. ^_____^ Bad news is she'll be extra busy since school holiday is here.. ;_; *goes chasing random students back to school* Another thing, She really needs the rest. ;_;

*rubs shoulder* Friggin' Fed... I'm going to bed. These pills makes me seeing things. o_o

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