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Oh, I'm not dead yet. - a box of bones [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Oh, I'm not dead yet. [Aug. 28th, 2002|11:38 pm]
[Current Mood |okay]
[Current Music |Final Fantasy MIX - Theme Of Love]

Yes, I am still alive and well.. Well, maybe not *that* well but yeah, I'm holding up. Let's see, I spent most of my time in bed, resting and drinking those glucose (?) drinks my mom bought for me. Blackcurrent, my favourite! :D

So yeah, I'm sorta okayish now.

I haven't had the chance to talk to Rina lately since she's busy. I'm worried about her though, always work too hard (not that I want her to be lazy or sort, mind ye) and those nasty back ache, poor Rina. And yeah, I'd be lying if I say I don't miss her (terribly!) for the past few days.

*rubs neck and shoulder*

Yeah, hell, I need to get back on drawing. I've forgotten how to draw and I'm starting back to basics once again. And damn, Joe is back sleeping in my room again. I can't stand his snore and sleeptalk. >_<

Heck, today is an okay day. Kill off the transmission.