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Merdeka day, independence day or National day whatever you called it, be today. Luqman and Shadow asked me out last night. Probably going to some club or movie or somesort. Not going because I'm totally broke.. @___@;;;

*rubs shoulder* Really, Now I'm all better I should continue my search for a secondary part-time job.. =___= Must.. pay.. debts..

This month (and other upcoming 4 more months) is going to be the worst. We'll be using our money to the max. Since suddenly the Telekom dudes decided to make us pay for the old (I mean, 2 years ago?) phoneline bill which we decided to cut off back then. Which around, 2000 something? If I'm not mistaken. Court letter... o_o So we'll be paying 225 per month until the bill is settled.

Today, they'll be putting up dad's gravestone in Negeri Sembilan. We couldn't go because all mom got now is 20 in her purse.. @________________@;;; I don't know if we could even pass the toll booth. We could I think but we'll used up the last remaining of our money. .__. Fark, I couldn't help myself to feel guilty.. No doubt people will be badmouthing us back in Negeri Sembilan..

Insane. I am going insane.

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