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I was rather feeling quite annoyed last night due to life's problem but I managed to pull myself out. Let's see.. Nothing new really except that I managed to get the hang of CGing. Cell shade style is the best for since I don't have a tablet. I need one for goodness sake! >_< Painter style is nice for backgrounds and such, depends on the theme on your work.

As for me, Cell shade suits my style well for the time being. =_=

I talked to Phil about the RnT thing, about races and gods for Sekat, Mary and Gen story arc. Since the three of them are not the usual 'do-gooder' types and more like, a free spirit, Them be worshipping or at least sided with God of Mischief. Phil gave me the green light for the design of God of Mischief. ^_^

On the other hand, Jules told me I should give it a try drawing something cute. Its not that I don't want to but its totally alien thing to me. @_o; But, I think there's always a first time for everything right? ^_^;

*rubs shoulder*

I'm worried about Rina. We didn't managed to meet last night, She must be very very tired then. ;_; I wish I could more for her and heck for everyone as well.. ;_;

Haa, anywell.. =_= I'm not really in a mood for drawing today. ._. I'm going to play Neverwinter Nights. Either start another character (Monk? Cleric? Sorceror?) or continue with my Ranger..?

Cowbell Tiara rocks. 'm'

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