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Har har. - a box of bones [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Har har. [Sep. 6th, 2002|11:23 pm]
[Current Mood |amused]
[Current Music |Machine Gun Fellatio - Rollercoaster]

Either hotmail is messing up again or my internet line is slower than a crippled turtle. I'm having troubles loading hotmail.

Anyway, to cut the talk short. Done with one pic, I'm pretty satisfied with it. (It does look a little stiff to me but I'll let the people decide it.) Working on another one, something new for me since its a different angle and pose and such. Indeed I'm having problems with it. Not going to scan it yet.

Oh crap, I'm running out of inking pens. I need a 0.5 and another 0.2 pen! Brushpen is scaring me.

I did this, this evening. I was bored and having a chat with Joe. He told me that I'm getting good at this drawing stuff.. ._.

I'm still waiting to get connected to darkfire. I've been waiting for half an hour. I'm going to disconnect and try again after this..

From: runic54
2002-09-06 09:20 pm (UTC)
Very nice~ :o Like an RPG background.
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[User Picture]From: bonebox
2002-09-06 10:05 pm (UTC)


Sankyu~ ^_^
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