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Indeed, sometimes you just don't mix well with people. Does that makes you different?

So anyway, 'zee plan for today was to visit Farid for Hari Raya whatever. Nizam (Or known as Shadow for Beed or for me, a lousy, impotent, dickhead) was noisy and stuff, asking me out and all. I hate going out with that guy. Why? His damn mouth. He's an insensitive bastard with no respect for his friends sometimes. I hate it when he's jabberin' his arse-like-mouth boosting and stuff. I don't like his tone too. Yea, sue me but I'm a sensitive guy. With no other choice, I'll just have to bear my ears and pray that I won't explode on 'im later. So we're off to Farid's abode.
There, everything went smoothly since Farid is the type of guy who's quite understanding and doesn't go waay too much in his insults. We chatted for awhilw but then Farid wants to invite another friend, Lugman. Which I told him he's not back from his hometown yet. But then Nizam has to open his arse and tell Farid that he's back already. So clueless like some junkie on jet and booze or more like me, Farid calls Luqman and lo! He's there, cozy at his fuckin' house. WTF!? I was quite angry with 'im but ne'er showed it. Why? 'Cause I've been waiting for that fucking dickhead a whole week, cos I'm planning on making an 'open house'. (yea yea, something you go invite all your friends and stuff and bla bla bla yadda yadda whatever)

So okay, I'm pissed. But Nizam waaas waaaaaaaaay tooo smart to shut his fuckin' arse off. He HAD TO INSULT ME AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN! I'm cool, still no visible signs of tearing his face apart. So the whole 'gang' went out insulting me, telling me how eeeaaaaaaaasyyy to fool me and such. FUCK YOU MOTHERFUCKERS!!! YOU'RE MY CLOSEST FRIENDS THAT'S WHY I'VE ALWAYS BELIEVED IN YOU GUYS!

So anyway, after bursting around Farid's house. Luqman decided to head off home nursing his tits or whatever. Farid, Nizam and me decided to catch Lord Of The Rings. I was okay with headin' off Leisure Mall cos we just wanted to catch a movie only. But noooooooooooooooo~~ Nizam has to come up with class. Being an upper class, you must visit the expensive places~~~ So we head out MidValley Megamall. So with only 20 bucks in my pockets, the trio foolishly went on..

And there's no lotr....

Sooooooo enough saying how pissed am I.. After lunch we head off back. As usual those 2 gets their buses first while i got to wait for hmmmmm... half an hour? In the bus, there's sooome reaaaaaaaaaaaaally stupid fuckin' hip hop posers (not that i've against hip hopers but these guys are terrible) you can say those crap eaters are around 15-16. There are 5 of them crap eaters. Went around the buses yelling and god! that annoying laugh! gehegehegehegehe.. What did I do to get all of this? Crap! Vulgars and stuff... Fuckers...

Arrived at me abode around 6.15pm... Great, I've missed the good part of today's 'Boys Be' episode. The episode where they show Yumi's love interest.... Who cares about Kyoichi, I just want Yumi... So this is not my day...

Alrighty, around 10.00pm. Went online, hoping to get abit calmer or stuff talking to rose or someone... Well, its okay. At least I wasn't angry anymore. The artduel dues today and no sign from Rose nor Beed. Rose probably busy while I don't know about Beed. So decided to give 'em 2 more days. Anyhooooo, Rina already finished her pic and whoa! Looks like i'm out from the duel. Most probably I won't be able to win. Rose, Beed and Rina they all rule. My drawing desire ripped, I drag myself to bed....

Seems that my drawing oh-so-called boot-camp doesn't work... feh..

1st thing in the morning, I need to shake this fuckin' feeling off.. its making me sick.. So instead of slacking and stuff i think its about time for me to be serious with my drawings. No more 'cincai' art.. And no, its not someone's fault or something i feel like this. just that i've been a bad day and i can't even talk bout it to someone. (in #rosa i mean) rose was busy yadda yadda... i don't want to bother her.. she needs to take care jules and stuff.. yadda yadda.. so i'll be going to bed with depression again~~~ :D :D :D wheeeeeeeeee~

Not a bad day huh?


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