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Coffee never tasted better than this. Morning, nice and bright (was hoping it would cloudy today) and the birds chirping.

Good way to start a hectic day.

Anyway, yes I'm pretty much kicking and alive now. We got the phoneline back online but that doesn't I'll be back in #rosa though. No, not for the moment since I need to get my old backup HD back from a friend. That's where all the IRC, Mp3s and god knows what is stored in there..

The months be good for us now. We don't feel that stressed out anymore I mean, sure we still got debts somewhere here and there but we don't really care that much anymore. So, I can say that life's been pretty good. We got used to it.

Things that annoys me way to the max:

Bloody ugrateful bastards:-
I've quit the band. Shaun already became a demanding monster. Always demand that and this. I can stand that but what bites are the lines "I want you to play this riff, if you can't I might as well want you out from the band."

Bloody assheads people who parked their friggin' car in front of my house:-
Dude? My house? My front? Your car? My steel bat? Just for kicks, some unfortunate soul parked their van in front of my house last night. Lucky for us, our car is ultra small Kancil car. Joe managed to squeeze through. We left a few dozens of nail at the back tire(tyre?)

Need to say more within this 'peaceful' era? Now I can go out killing people, for the reason, its for God.

I'm beginning to think about Genocides. o_o


Bah! They wiped out all the emails from my account. That means I lost all the emails I got. Bohoo..

Time to go out and do some festive shopping.

Edit: I just noticed I wasn't gone that long. And my entry mainly consists on angst issues and sarcasm, *laughs* I apologized for that.

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