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Tales of the nocturnal, battery bunny.

What type of manga are you?

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Hmmm.. Something's not right.

Gah! Suede's Positivity tune stuck in my head! Btw, I'm starting to like Bjork. Sure the accent is a little bit strange, sometimes I couldn't understand god knows what she sang but something about her songs makes it, ..interesting.

I'm planning to buy a pair of necklace for me and Rina this month with my not-that-much allowance. Shark tooth shaped carved from marble (or at least I think so, smooth surface and shiny and stuff) which I think will look mucho naizu on Rina. Hope they won't get sold out or something. Actually, there's alot I wanted to buy. I wanna grab all the Nightmares & Fairy Tales I missed, GloomCookies, Serial Experiments Lain, reference books, books and some other stuff.

But I guess it's okay, I'll just buy the necklace and store the rest of the dough for next month. I'm betting that Nightmare & Fairy Tales costs somewhat RM 10+. Foo Figthers.. ._.

Hokey, I need to get back to drawing. I'm all rusted.

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