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Just for kicks. - a box of bones [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Just for kicks. [Nov. 1st, 2002|12:38 pm]
[Current Mood |nostalgic]
[Current Music |OAG - Wired]

Playing Silent Hill? Which part on your on now? Hopefully you're still not that far off. Collect the red stuff in the hospital. You need it for Cybill. :O

...Although you can always kill her but.., I wouldn't suggest that..

..I'm getting nostalgic.

From: (Anonymous)
2002-11-01 06:19 am (UTC)
The red stuff??? No clue what you mean :/ Anyhow, I was just at the amusement park, then something crazy happened and my last save point was listed as "nowhere" (I'm not going to say how or when this happened so as not to spoil it for anyone else who wants to play it) But I think I'm getting pretty close now. :) --Ann
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From: (Anonymous)
2002-11-01 06:21 am (UTC)
Oh yeah, I killed her anyhow, it just seemed like the logical thing to do given her "condition". XD --Ann (it took me a moment to remember which character she was :P) --Ann
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[User Picture]From: bonebox
2002-11-01 08:52 am (UTC)


Aaaaaaaa~ You just triggered the sorta bad ending. @__@;;

The red liquid in Silent Hill hospital. Somewhat inside the doctor's room I think, you know, with all the smashed vial. It's the antitode for Cybill's "condition". XD;

You need the plastic bottle from the hospital kitchen to get the red thing. You see, when you fight with Cybill in the Merry-Go-Round just run away from but you'll see her sitting looking all creepy on one of ther horses. Try to sneak to her back, use the 'plastic bottle containing mysterious red liquid on her' and wallah! She lives and Harry gets all mushy.

You still need to do one more thing for the Good+ ending though. Something about the Kaufmann guy (The doctor who shot you in hospital and missed from close range o_o).

Anyway, if you need help I'll be gladly to help. :D
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From: (Anonymous)
2002-11-01 11:37 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I got the bad ending, but hey, that's fine by me. I am more than willing to go thru it another couple times to get other endings. XD --ANn
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[User Picture]From: bonebox
2002-11-02 07:31 am (UTC)



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