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Had fun going out with Beed and Ken today. Tiring but its worth it.

Left the house at 11.00pm, had Joe dropped me at Leisure Mall. Unfortunately that time my stomach wasn't feeling that good due to nervous breakdown (I always had this thing everytime I'm going out with someone) rushed to the nearest toilet in the mall. Done with my business, I proceed to wash my hands..

Scene 1:
Gen washing his hands. A middle-aged man went in and find Gen washing his hands. Middle-aged man walk out from the toilet and checked the sex sign. Walk in with funny look on his face.

Scene 2:
Gen finished washing his hands. When walking out from the toilet, an old lady saw Gen coming out from the gents room. She turned to me and she had this disgusted look on her. Presuming that Gen is some slutty bitch whore.. Walked past the lady and continued his daily activities.

Good, there IS a reason why I should bring a pen-knife.

Anyway, reached KLCC around 12-12.15pm. Proceeded to Upper Kinos for main goal for the day, Nightmares And Fairy Tales. Alas, none can be found. So I bought 'Lenore Noogies' instead which is an exellent comic! The humour is a little tad bit sick on some parts (which unfortunately involves Hamster and Cats, take note that it wasn't really a direct animal mutilation. No running around with cleaver chopping off cat's head and all) but it's still good though. Looking forward for 'Johnny the Homicidal Maniac'. Met with Beed and afterwards Ken, and we proceeded to feed.

*During this period, I am, for some reason, stuck with the nick 'Pantene Boy'. ._o*

After feeding session, Ken gave me some souvenirs she got from Europe. A nice and wonderful pencil from Paris and a nice scotch glass(I think?) from Scotland. Oh yeah, borrowed Anne Rice's Vittorio The Vampire and Parasite Eve 2 too. Ordered a iced Milo to not get kicked out from food court, the iced Milo there tasted weird though.. o_o

*edit* Anyway, we did some doodle. Beed brought his PRISMACOLORS and I had my first time trying them. Everyone seems improved quite alot.. ._. *edit*

On way back around 5.15pm and it rained a little bit. On my way to the Swiss Garden Hotel, I met Shaun who was working at some Music Shop. He's doing well and he bought a bass guitar for his brother.. Walked another few metres from the store, I met another old friend, Zee. (Zee and me go way back to secondary school. Went to the same high school but he changed school when he was 16.) He's on the way to the Stadium for god knows what..

So, I reached the Swiss Garden Hotel at 6.00pm.. It was semi raining and damn, it was crowded. Took the bus to Leisure Mall and asked Joe to pick me up there. During the wait for Joe, I happened to watch quite an interesting scene. A maid was scolded by her employer's daughter, which is what? 6-7 years old. I didn't know the maid did, but I think she tried to calm the brat's younger brother, upon seeing this miss-little-perfect proceed to snatch her brother away from the maid and made this angry gestures and all..

I don't mind killing that little girl with a kitchen knife but imagine the mess..

On another note, a group of teeny girls was standing RIGHT IN FRONT THE FUCKING ESCALATOR (god knows how to spell that) blocking off people with MORONIC chatter and giggle. There's one Indian guy which I think,is in a hurry proceeded to navigate his way thru, thus bumping one of the girls a wee bit...

And LO! There you have! A mean scowl, mutters curses at the poor guy.. Actually, I can still manage the teeny-cuteness thing but from the way I look it, it seems more like Racism.

Mein Gott, Tried to keep things cool down but the infernal group girls starts to get reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally annoying.. And then there it was, a voice from the crowds..

"Pipe down bitch, yer holding us off here! We wanna use the escalator y'know!?"

I think it was some old Pak Cik Tua guy who said that. Go gramps! Right after that, there was an immense rush, and everything was blurry... blurry... dark...

Okay, maybe not THAT huge of a rush but I was glad I'm got out from there. My ears started to bleed..

I'm going to sleep. My legs are screaming to be rested.

Edit: Pen Knife be too small, Kitchen Knife better..

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