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First day isn't that bad. Sure, I get the occasionaly craving for a smoke but nothing serious. Didn't sleep that good last night due to constant sleep talking of brother:-

Me: Oei dude, move over.. You're hogging all the space.
Brother: *insert gibberish and evil giggling*
Me: O_O

Yes, the bad news for today is Joe is back, sleeping in my room and the worse thing that can happen is having him, 'mengigau' (I'm not fimilar with the english term but it means talking, doing something in one's sleep. I need to look that up..) beating you up.. Yes, I had that one already. But it's not really that bad when you get used to it, can be quite amusing too.

Oh yeah, Finished playing Guilty Gear X at friend's house early monday using Millia. Chipp is quite good and also not to forget Faust, most amusing. I might draw GGX fanarts since I'm all outta creative juices.. But still can't scan anyhting, Scanner still be offline.

I won't be seeing Rina for the next 5 weeks. Massive work on her way.. *shrugs* Ah well, long distance relationships are like that.. Hopefully, I'll get to talk to her somewhat around December or sometime sooner.

Oh yeah, SPMers will be having their exams tomorrow right? Good luck with papers people.

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