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Indeed the MAAO meeting was fun! XD Never knew its gonna be crazy and stuff..


Eisu, Masako, Beed, Me, Aimo, Ahmad, Zid, DinJerr and his friend which I don't know who.. X_X gomen! Reins, Jason Kuek (JK), Ken and another guy who's bald, wears glasses. I forgot his name, but I think its Hilmy? X_X Gomen gomen.~

Since this was my first meeting, I was like, shy and stuff.. I'm not good with meeting new people y'know!? XoX We all first meet up at Giant Kinos. Hanging around, buying mangas and stuff. I bought a cheap ass Quink ink for my G-Pen. So after that, we head for the food court. Ahmad and Eisu was busy playin' the Harry Potter cards and suddenly, this security guard or something pops out, tells us to leave if we're not planning to eat. Bah..

So anyway, after grub, draw time. Woo hoo! Man, I got Eisu, Ken, DinJerr, JK and Hilmy to draw in my sketch book. XD Waaaah! I was going for Zid and Aimo but it seems that they're busy and stuff so I don't want to bug them or something. I'm quite honoured actually, meeting those guys. XD XD Yea, I'm strange..

Masako and Eisu all acting strange and funny.. XD Singing CardCaptor Sakura's 'Hitotsu Dake'. And Eisu with his Glay 'Kokodewanai Dokokae' and Digimon opening (I forgot the name) theme. If I'm not mistaken, Zid and Eisu sang the Ultraman theme song too. X_X gwah....

You can say all of them are cool. Oh yeah, I gave Beed his Christmas gift. XD A sake bottle.. Bwaahahahahaah! XD XD XD
Wooooo I can't wait for the next MAAO meeting! ^o^

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