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Hah! Am very amused with Rosey's plug of the Secret Diaries. XD

Anyway, Sungei Wang was okay. Did alot of walking and window shopping. Noticed there's one small shop that's selling nice looking boots for a not-so expensive price and also spiked (fake) bracers and some other stuff which I think be collars. (Yes!) Will not buying them yet though, still thinking about buying Rina something nice. I'm bad with money. Can't stop thinking about Rina with collars and boots and all..


Tried to find 'Dead Can Dance' CD at Tower Records. Couldn't find any of 'em.. Too tired to walk furthermore. Oh, had a quick visit to Bentley's to meet Shaun. Pestered him for awhile and went up stairs to look at the Saxophone, Violins and other weird musical instrument.

'Buka puasa' with Luqman and Shadow. Good ol' Kampung style fried rice! Damn spicy and hot! Bought some popcorn and the three of proceed to relax at the very much, dark park. Shadow suggested we go to Genting Highlands along with the guys after Raya. Nope, nope, I had other plans. I wanna save money.

Met with Amin at Leisure Mall around 9.00pm. He went there to watch 'Harry Potter and The Chamber Of Secrets' and 'Spirited Away'. Amin told me that 'Spirited Away' be dubbed in chinese. Not sure about this, quite disappointing.

And still no new drawings for me. I'm pretty much brain dead lately. Will update soonish though! Sorta thought about Runic-dono just now, miss talking to her.. Heck, Haven't been in #rosa for awhile now. ._.


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