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Still no life.. ._.

Definetly not feeling well, we've been having alot of rain these days. Not that I mind about the rain but I think you'll understand why I always get sick when your brother always, turns on the fan full blast, during god almighty raining cats and dogs and other things night and my I lost 90% percent of my body heat.


Okay, maybe not 90% but heck, it's creepin' too cold dude!

Oh yeah, it's kinda disturbing when your mother told you that you have a cousin that dresses up like a girl, looks like a girl, prettier than a girl (I can't make sure of this but from my mother's story..) and lo! an incident about a guy who wanted my very feminine cousin. He's not gay though. Will check about this cousin out the next time I'm flyin' over the Sabah.

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