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The encounter of my first fanboy...., SIMON!

Okay today was fun and also freaky. I went to Sungei Wang to buy some stuff, bumped into Beed and agreed to walk around, do some drawing and stuff. Everything was fine eventhough the legs and feet starting acting up getting all sore. Did some window-shopping, almost bought 'Spirited Away'. Oh yeah, also asked the price for a Wacom Graphire, quite okay the price. So the day went on, as we walked and later proceeded to Cosmic Bowl to sit around relaxing and do some drawing. As we were drawing and talking, I felt a tap on my shoulder..

"CYBER!" he said. Pointing the pic I was working on..

I don't know about you but for me, having someone, a total stranger sneaks up behind you, points the pic yer working on and talks about you draw Cyber style. He introduced himself as Simon, one of the employee at the outlet. I don't mind he sits there watching me and Beed draw but he keeps asking this weird questions and all, talks about that he designed the Proton Waja, showed his latest car design (quite good for a rough) and stuff which I don't know if it's true or not. He kept asking personal questions and stuff, and then about the pics and all and god-knows-what. Not that I'm saying he a loser or what but something did made me feel ultra umcomfortable. He also asked that whether we copied the drawings or just plain straight from the mind. We told him we draw straight from our imagination and what did he say?

"Wah! You got a cyber imagination lah!"


Regarding about the Cyber thing he kept telling me. It's about all the googles, armor and those big-ass-weapons, You know how I draw. Things did go a little bit too out of hand for me, so I inked my drawing extra fast, told Simon that I gotta go, need to be home early for breaking fast and we off we are. Oh yeah, he gave us the high-five before we leave btw, asking when we're going to be in Cosmic Bowl again..

Hoo boy..

Anyway, I still have a few outings to be done and after Raya, Riz and Ken, hope you guys are going to be free for an outing.. o_o

I'm going to sleep, I am tired, exhausted and I haven't slept for roughly 2 days now.. =_= Hopefully tomorrow will be another good day to accomplish more drawings.

Edit: Whee for Cooking Master Boy (Chuuka Ichiban) 3rd OP.

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