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Today's event went well as I hoped for. Though, some of my friends couldn't make it to my house but bwahdebah~ it's okay.

Those who made it are: Nizam, Zakimi, Amin, Shaun and his brother, Sae Kar, Luqman, Haffidz, Farid and Irwan. Right, reached moi humble abode around 2 o'clock, mum cooked us some curry noodles and other goodies. I'm quite surprised that they ate like there's no tommorow. Hmmm.. Chatted, do some catching up on old times and stuff and then they're off. Not bad.

I've stumbled upon a site which Icchan just plugged.

Some interesting goth comics catches my eye. Johnny The Homicidial Maniac ish good and Devi~ :o~~ Woooo~ Slave Labor productions be good~ I'm going to make a comic list from now on. XD To keep track on what comic I should buy and how much I should save~ So now, 1st in my list is~~~~~ GloomCookie #1-6!

X_X money...

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~ Takin' moi driving license on Tuesday... X______X eeeeeeeeee~ Scared actually...

Oh yea, glad to hear that Beed and his family finds that my Sake bottle christmas gift to 'im is hilarious.. :D :D :D

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