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Biru be the color of life.

After reading Rosey's Journie and Sean's trip to Tokyo meeting with Jet, I sorta feel out from #rosa. ._. Hmmm, maybe it's because I haven't been crashing #rosa for a long time now.. Can't install IRC yet the mean brother said. Bah, I have no power with this computer of any sorts. In any rate, will try to shake off this feeling.

Right, report for the day..

Yesterday was good. Though I took the wrong turn when I'm on my way to KLCC and ended up walking much further than the usual. Rushed to meet with Bok (I'm late already) on upper Kinokuniya, Bok managed to persuade to buy them mech. pencils and those ass-(ex)pensive blue leads.. But worth the money though, for me, now I can actually see clearly what i'm sketching!

Ate lunch at Nippon Tei, had the Eel lunch set thing (I forgot what's it called) and during lunch, got a message from the evil twin sisters regarding about the comic fiesta this Saturday. Constance was pissed for no reason when I called her though, god knows why..

Went to the lower Kino afterwards because Bok wanted to buy some manga. I browsed thru the SNK artbook there, I like it so far but on KOF art part, it's not for me. As usual, I can only gawked and stare and drool at all the artbooks there.. After that, walked out, to the gardens. Just a change of view, kick back and relax, the smell of grass, the sight of love birds all over the park and of course, the sound of the gardeners wielding mini-chainsaw-on-a-pole cutting down the palm branches short.. The main agenda was to discuss about drawing panels and prints for the comic fiesta.. Decided not to go for it since the rate of my art to sold is quite low. 'sides, I'm starting to get lazy these days.. ._.

As we talked, it started to get cloudy and soon, thunder came crashing and rain drops starts to cover the area. Went back inside and checked out some pretty earings, necklace and sorts. Still thinking on what to give Rina with my current budget.. After that, crashed to upper food court.

Did some drawing which I think quite good, since the pose and all is quite new and fresh. Picked up some pointers from Bok's drawing and comments which I think be very valuable.

I walked back heading to the Sungei Wang area bus stop around 6.30 pm or so. Since it's starting to get dark, I'd be glad to get out from downtown 'fore the weirder and insane occupants are out on the streets. I hate pimps, they bug you and follow you around like flies.. And like the usual, ye ol bus 843 (the bus headin' my place) is dead late.. Managed to get back home around 9.00 pm and dead tired.

Got the dreamweaver installed but noticed that all of my folders and stuff is missing when i get connected to my kuiki account. Can't upload anything at all except for html files.. There goes the hope of updating.

On the lighter note, Ita (Joe's girlfriend, my future sister-in-law) bought us GeForce 4 Ti 4200. Whee~

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