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Comic Fiesta Day # 1.

Wahoo! It was quite fun! Eventhough again, I got lost within the heart of Kuala Lumpur again..

I reached the Chinese Assembly Hall where they're holding the event around 12 something. Reported at the MAAO booth and wished Selamat Hari Raya to Zid and Eisu. The sales for the toast are good and the prints are even better! I bought Zid's realistic Sakura Taisen group pic (A4 size unfortunately.. ._.) for Rosey as a Krismasu/Bday gift, asked Zid to sign it as well. Bought all the toast for #rosa people and I will be buying some of Eisu's prints (and hopefully, ask him to sign it) or maybe Aimo's Naruto for Phil, since he's a fan of Eisu's and Naruto. (Something to make up after failing to send you the Butterfingers CD Phil) And finally interacted with the rest of MAAO.. ._.

Skipped the drawing contest, there's alot of highly skilled artist there! @___@ Oh yeah, one good thing happened though.. As I'm about to leave, it started to rain and I decided to sit outside and smoke a few cigs. Overheard some dudes talkin about Urban Comics and stuff. I asked whether Gempak will be opening a booth here, they said maybe they'll be here tomolo.. We chatted about comics and stuff and I asked the guy, who earlier introduce himself as Milx, a UC artist, about submitting stuff to Urban Comics.. He said if the story and the art is quite appealing you can send 'em over, he asked for more of my art since he noticed the illus i did for the Toast. Overall, I'm quite happy that he said he likes my art and I got a good and unique lining/inking style. He wrote his contact number somewhere in my art folder and told me to contact him if I'm interested to send some stuff. Never really did expect this though, I thought he might say I need more practice on anatomy and stuff since some of my friends told me that I draw crappy anatomy..

After he left, I chatted with some other dude which i think, I forgot his name @_@, Amir be his name. We resumed talking about Gempak (nothing against Gempak fans) editing the comics and stuff.. Later on, another UC artist joined, Joker 999.. Man, and I thought Joker 999 be like, some brutal dude with a loud voice and all. A nice guy overall, both em and Amir.

After that, the rain stopped and off I go. After a few minutes, I got lost........

Yay for Gen.

Managed to catch/figure out the bus paths, a bus after a few hours.. And yay, for my future sister-in-law, Ita, again! For the yummies and nummies she brought! Not to mentioned the Raya money~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :O~~~~~~~~

Oh yeah, they have Cosplay too, today.. A minor one though. Heard the real stuff be tomolo.

On any rate, I'm tired, happy and dead looking forward to draw comics for Rnt, Dez, MAAO and Urban Comics.. Must PRACTICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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