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Comic Fiesta #2, end of the turning point.

Cosplay, didn't hang around with the MAAO people that long. Oh yeah, DinJerr and Bok made it today. JK be missing while Aimo be at home, unwell.. Poor dudette.. Anyway, went to the fiesta with Farid and Amin, they didn't buy anything unfortunately.. No wait, 'cept for Amin who bought Eisu's Van Dread pic.

Bah, displayed all my recent artworks while working on the Jam Pic. Surprisingly there's a makcik (lady) poking around and asked me whether I'm selling 'ems artwork. Declined since never really did had the idea to sell stuff during the fiesta. Well, maybe the next fiesta.. I hope I'll get better next year so I can at least contribute more worthy art for the Toast and mayhap sell some prints, maybe half mine and while the other half head off for the MAAO Toast printing savings.. Right, Did a quick sketch for some random dude which pops out from nowhere, signed it and a girl called Elly. Remembered her name since I feel bad about my too-rushed (I got an open house to attend) pic, so I figured that I should give her one of my existing artwork. Should've let her choose but she said it's okay. Also did a lil promoting for the Toast. I gave her my jump suit pic, signed it and yeah, feel much better..

In any rate, people with FF 10, Jrock, and Trigun costumes rule the day. Of course there's One Piece, Those Who Hunt Elves, Sakura Wars and alot more.. Yay, finally Cosplay made it to Malaysia.

On the way out, stumbled upon Milx and Joker 999. Glad those guys still remember me from yesterday.

Come to think of it, things are going to change afterwards for me. For instance mother unit decided that I should take up Graphics instead of Animation and of course, my brother Joe constantly saying "Dude! You oughtta learn stuff from these MAAO guys! My arse if you're gonna say you're not worthy or shit, who cares about some people told you that you'll not going to make it since you don't have any art training/schooling whatsoever. I say go, improve, draw comic and make money for me so you can at least pay me back all the computer bills.." And not to forget about my brother being rabid about a particular illustration on page 46 in the Toast. *poke nudge that particular someone* And of course, mother unit praising the artist on each page of the Toast..

Yeah, I'm somewhat afraid to jump on the next level.. Still not that confident on my skills nor had the guts to try to jump in the current comic scene but I need to learn and move on. But I guess RnT and the 'Short Hair and Glasses' collab manga which Dez and I started back years ago and just recently started it back again. So sheaah, here goes nothing..

Anyway, I'm tired and dead sleepy.. Will try to write what happened during the Open House tomorrow.

Add. Note: Hehehehe, I have something for you Phil~~~~
Add Add. Note: I feel bad for not hanging around helping Eisu and the rest of the MAAO longer these two days.. .-.

I hope I don't sound cocky or anything. Apologies to anyone who feel offended.

Genny Gen Gen needs sleep. ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz~

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