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The games for the old trees.

Well, today wasn't that bad. Unlucky for me, Shadow asked me to help with his assignment. Not that I don't want to help 'im or anything but currently I got alot of things in my hands. Well, hopefully things will run smoothly for next week.

And yes, went to another Open House today! That's the good thing about Malaysian, they never seem to care whether it's Hari Raya, Deepavali or Christmas~ :D :D This time, it's Amin's house. Hitched a ride in Farid's old Volvo, reminder to self that Farid is one crazy driver. Despite his 'no-emotion' face and quiet exterior.

After that, went to watch LOTR with Farid (this time we took the bus, Farid's mother wanted the car) What can I say? The Two Towers (TTT) is delicious! Ents be the most valuable creature for this movie. Reminds me of the Night Elves' structures from Warcraft 3 though. Gimli is fun and totally wooooooooooooo, lovey dovey the battle scenes (okay, maybe not the Legolas-sliding-down-stairs-with-shield part though, no offense to Legolas fangirls)

Oh yeah, another one of those lousy gang fights broke out in Leisure Mall today. Wooo, fun. Skinheads versus Biker dudes..

Going to Lim Kok Wing with bro and 'kaa-san tomorrow. Gonna get the forms and stuff. Will be getting a haircut too, tomorrow.

Gonna go watch TTT again next week, one with dudes and maybe another with Bokson.

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