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Batons and Mahalingam.

Arr, did a long entry but damn comp. freezed. So short version.

The usual outing with Bokson last Saturday. Me late due excessive sleep and of course, the problems with the police. Do I look like the guy who's going around sellin' drugs and girls? *insert puppy eyes Gen here*

But nothing serious really, they just checked my bag and of course my ID. The bobbies told me that they got a report about some gangfights/drug thingy going on around there (The place be somewhere near Lot 10) and they're on the patrol.. After a few minutes, I'm on my track back to KLCC..

Never really did anything special with Bokson, just the usual drawing and chat. Oh yeah, and of course the cops and batons jokes XD.

Oh yeah, bumped into Reins at the upper food court.

Arrrrrrrgh, tired, penat, mengantuk, sleepy~~~

Add. Note: Due to my financial status right now, I'll be sending the stuff late. Maybe I'll be sending to Phil and Sean first, then only Rosey/Marina and the Aus dudes. @___@ Sorry people.

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