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Watched Brotherhood Of The Wolf just now on Star Movies. Quite impressive~ Now to find the VCD.. (Yes, I still lack a DVD player.) My god I love this.

I've been down with a sudden cold last few days. Finally getting better, so far I'm not coughing that much anymore and no more, thank god, sore throats.. Manage to finish off the Phil's pics for the snail mail send, now next on the list is Singapore. I still got Rina/Rose and the Aus guys to handle..

Lessee, drawing has been.. interesting lately. Very fun to experiment with the strokes and of course, the subject itself. So far my scanner's still down (Heck, so does everything in thsi computer) and hoping that the next reformat will be the last one.

Raiun: Dudette, oooooh~ Boleh! Vanya and Nightmare! :O~~ If you don't mind and if you got the time lah~ Mwahahaha~

Taken from Phil's LJ, The Chinese horoscope~ I am.. THE RAT BOY! A wood rat to boot.


As usual, it's amusing. Not very me I think..

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