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Not Bad.

Fuuu~ A lot happened today...

The 'bishie' pics that I drew wasn't working. Too dull. Can't understand? Failure. Period.

One of moi best friends feels icky and down. I feel icky and down. Decided to leave her alone with her boyfriend. Icky feeling gone, lonely beckons. Thats okay. Uncle brought a few bottles of sake for new year. 2 bottles consumed. Drunk, spitting crap in #rosa. Can't remember much 'cept for talking to Rina. She be good. Another art duel from her. Waiting for Rose and Beed. Oh wait! No more duel. New duel. Next week? This week? I'm confused. I forgot. Watched David Blaine magic special on AXN. David Blaine be good conjurer. Can float. No strings. Very impressed. Feel weird after that.

I feel crappy. Headache. Fucking head hurts. Sad. Why? I don't know. I want to hug someone. No one here. Everybody far. Distance. Alone.

I must really stop all this sympathetical talk crap. I'll talk with a smile. :D

Wheee! Dear Diary, I suck. ^_^ ^_^ My life is crappy and guess what!? :o *gasp* I'm planning for a suicide!? Nononono~ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ I'm dumb, but not dumb enough. I'm going to be far away for awhile. :D ^___^ Wheeee! Draw draw draw~ So I won't be updating nor do any fuckin' things or stuff~ :D :D Ah! Out of Cigs! <:o Oh no! Buy another one pack tomorrow. Oh yes! No more bish, :D I'm feeeling really crappy so I go goth. :D Wheeee! Is self-mutilation back? I don't knoooooooow~~~ Too late! New wound left arm! Cutter knife~ :D :D No, no suicide~ XD XD Too bad for those guys who hate my fucking guts! :D :D Happy New Year! :D

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