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Finished Silent Hill 2 today. Got the leave ending. The first Silent Hill is much better than the second one methinks, though the graphics in SH 2 improved (of course) greatly. Semi interested playing the Restless Dreams part.. Oh yeah, pretty nifty, the hanging-sorta-nun-monster and Pyramid Head.

Anyhow, yes, drawings. I promised people that as well as an update for the site.. Truthfully, I want to scan and update the infernal thing but yes, you know the drill, evil maniacal brother. I can't wait to get another computer.

Oh yeah, due to quench my thirst to buy useless (most people think) stuff and comics, going to do freelancing work for them, simple six pager.


I was going to write a long entry, but something I read made me change my mind.

Ken: Kalau ko nak hantar recent pics/sketches hantar lah kat email aku. Hehehe, sampai ada orang hantar death threat kat aku suruh update the site, nak tengok Ken's art.

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