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Zam zam ala ketam!

Whoa, I'm going to college next monday. Excited but quite afraid. I don't know what to expect on me college life. I guess to play it safe, i should just shut my trap and pretend I don't exist. Or maybe not.

Anyway, I went to Leisure Mall to get some artsy stuff and I met an old school friend. And boy, am I surprised.. I remember her being the shy and quiet librarian, doesn't have much friends. I remember quite okay on how I used to talk about Grunge and Punk music with her, it's funny to find (that time) that such a shy and quiet person into such music. Oh yeah, we had fun jamming the grunge/punk tune back then too. (she's more into bass and drums.)

Anyhow, I met her again. Her name be Lyn. She still wears glasses and all but whoa, the boots, wallet chains, knee-length shorts (I dunno the specific name for it), long sleeved black shirt and all. O_O Bumped into her in the CD shop. We went to Secret Recipe cafe for a cup of coffee and talked about old times. I told her how she changed and all, she just laughed and told me not to worry for she's still the old Lyn. I asked her whether she still hangs around with that Science bunch in her class, she said naw, all they did is critized how she *supposed* to dress up like them and stuff like that. She couldn't stand their craptalk and left them and lo, being herself. Much more comfortable than trying to jam into some body tight clothing.

Yeah, it was great meeting her again. Oh! Surprisingly, she listens to Dead Can Dance too! XD;; My god. Meeting her again tomorrow(today) for the last time, since she'll be moving to overseas upon family stuffies, her boyfriend be following 'em too to continue his studies. She showed me a picture of her and her boyfriend. Ahaha, he looks pretty normal and all. I think he'll be joining us tomorrow. :D Can't wait to meet the guy.

Anyways, I'm pretty sleepy now. Early start tomorrow. I guess 3 - 4 hours of sleep will do.

Btw, can someone tell Rushi I'll be updating the Naruto folder a tad late? Sorry dude! ;o;

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