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Oh, forgot to add yesterday's amusing (Not really) bits:

Lyn: "Hey, How's your art going btw?"

Gen: "Quite alright.. Wanna see 'em?"

Lyn: "Sure!" *snatches art folder*

Alex and Lyn: *flip flip flip ooohs aaahs wows stops at girl-holding-condom pic*

Gen: "Not much of improvement.. hehehe."

Lyn: "... Bloody hell no improvement, you pedophile!" *giggles*

Alex: "Hey, I didn't know you're into kids." *laughs*

Gen: "...................."

For the love of god, I am not a pedophile! XD Let's just say the girl is rather, eer, flat. Definetly not some 10 year kid or so..

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