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I can't sleep.

Gawd, I can't sleep.. I'm tired but I just couldn't sleep. I need to find my cigs. @_@ Dammit, I should quit..

Found my cigs. So anyway, I think I got an idea on what to draw for the local comic contest. The local folklore and some gothic style art indeed be a good one. ^_^

I need new clothes. Should go to KLCC (Kuala Lumpur City Center) with Nizam, Farid and Kim. Scout for some good black turtlenecks and Dockers. And I should buy more wrist-chains and pendants. Probably an Ankh. Maybe next week. Oh! I think I can buy more candle holders from that Japanese shop in Leisure Mall! :D Yay!

Oh, And I should call Christine again later this afternoon. I need to thank her for buying me the Japan Best Ballad Collection 2000 CD. XD; 'Sides, Maybe I can flirt around with her. If its POSSIBLE. Aah, First love does not die fast so should I say. I don't know why I loved her. People tell me that she's wasn't cute and all. I disagree. I like her expressions. Calm and she always has her slight smile. It makes her looked..ugh! sooo darn cute for me! >_<;; And yes, She's very very nice. Quiet but nice! XD; Sexy voice for me. I really thought that she'd forgotten about me by now. @_@ Yet, she remembers my birthday and gave something nice..

This is weird.

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