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Okay, I'm rather calm after that short anger burst.. Tomorrow, my first day of class! 7.30 am to 1.30 pm! >_<

Tomorrow will be quite busy since we'll be going to the post/reg office about mom's lost identity card. Credit Card are safe since we already called the bank. Uuum, also need to call up the Bank Simpanan Nasional regarding the late dad's pension and retirement card. Gotta tell 'em about the robbery thing... Not really worried about those things actualy, more worried, naturally, about my mother..

Heh, I still think seeing those robbers dying horribly in front of me is amusing. No wait, the robbers AND their families.. Women and child~ Everyone shall die~~ Traa laa laa~ Burn, burn, burn them all~ Cut their arms and legs~ Feed them to the dogs~ Let them beg~ And burn them all~ Kill the child first in front of the parents~ Kill the mother second in of front the husband~ And then BURN bits by bits!


No wait.. I still need to cool things off. ._.

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