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Late this afternoon, as I open the bathroom door. The creature I called my 'pet' for 17 years crawled out. I looked at him. Somehow, all this years, I finally felt the burden of guilt for not taking care of him that well.. T'was my red-eared slider turtle.. A nameless one to boot.. ;_;

There's an old pond which my family never use because...I don't know.. X__X So I decided to make it as his new home. He deserves better than a mere toilet as his home.. ;_;

I'm planning to terraform the pond so the condition suits for 'im.. Since red-eared slider turtle is more a 'water-based' creature, A good,dark,damp place to hide and lotsa water (with some plants I hope) is a good place. And of course, going to the Vet somewhere this week... ;_;

About the name? @__@;; Nameless One? XD XD XD

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