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Broken bodies.

And it begins.. How foolish we can be at times?


Tired. Very tired. I still have alot to do tonight. Anyhow, Uni be fine so far 'cept for some hideous assignments but some of the assignments are, well, fun. Yes, I am not under the influence of alcohol or weed but I find some (not all, I hate Communication Studies) assignments are fun to do.

Okay, life. Got whacked by Nicole, again, today. Bloody crazy girl running around with rolled layout pad.. Not really bugged by it though. Yes, commission work. Almost finish with Lucy In The Loo thing. After that, I'll have to finish Mark's A1 size drawing and then Zell's inking job..

Ugh, I haven't heard a word from Rina yet. Most probably she's busy. I've been busy too. Quite worried about her though. Hard to not to think about her. Miss her quite so..

Haa, #rosa..~

Back to work.

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